Take a Journey to the Wild Side With Tiger’s Eye Pokies!

In the world of Aussie pokies, Tiger’s Eye Pokies goes above and beyond when it comes to great bonuses and chances to win big. This fabulous, fresh game will immerse you in the exciting, jungle environment of the majestic tiger.

This game will challenge you to pry the treasure from this big cat’s massive claws. With five reels and an unprecedented FORTY paylines, you will wonder how you have not entered the jungle sooner!

Get in touch with your wild side – and get ready to experience pokies like never before! With the ability to play online, or on your Android or iOS device, it has never been easier to play.

In this exhilarating game, you can bet from 0.01 to 0.05 per line. Betting the maximum of 10.00 increases the jackpot to 10,000! Read on to learn more about the surprises and thrills that await you when you enter the tiger’s forbidden domain.

Get Wild with the Eye of the Tiger!

As soon as you begin playing Tiger's Eye Pokies, the lush forest scenery and the gleaming symbols on the reels will enchant you. In Tiger’s Eye online pokies, the tiger could be lurking around any corner!

In addition to regular letters and numbers, you will see brightly plumed peacocks, graceful deer, mischievous monkeys, the fearsome tiger himself, and his paw print. This lovely art will transport you deeper and deeper into the wild jungle of the tiger.

When you score on any payline, the animals and symbols will glimmer and become animated. While you will enjoy seeing all of these intricately designed symbols on the screen, your heart will really begin to race when you see the Tiger’s Eye logo come across your reels.

The logo acts as the wild symbol, which means that it replaces any other symbol on the board to create winning combinations to benefit you!

The only exception to this is that it does not replace the Golden Idol symbol, but you will be just as excited (or maybe even more!) when that shows up. The mystery of the Golden Idol will be explained to you next.

Discover the Untapped Power of the Mystical Golden Idol!

When the glittering Golden Idol symbol crosses the reels in Tiger’s Eye Pokies, you will surely feel a shiver of excitement up your spine. The Golden Idol symbol acts as the scatter symbol in this game.

When three, four, or five scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Free Spins Bonus Game will be triggered. The symbols can appeal anywhere on the reels – they do not have to be arranged in any particular way.

When the game is activated, you will instantly get ten free spins with up to a 10x multiplier! This game is a special pokies online bonus that does not happen when you play live pokies.

Depending on how many scatter symbols originally appeared, you can an additional 2x, 20x, or even a massive 200x your total bet payout. Because of the Free Spins Bonus Game, your potential winnings could be enormous!

Best of all, your scatter wins are added to your payline wins. That basically means that you will win not just one, but two sets of winnings every time you see three or more scatter symbols on the screen. You will feel like you are conquering that vicious tiger when you see how much you can win in just one spin!

Sink Your Claws into Treasure – Gamble to Multiply Your Winnings!

As you have learned, it is almost too easy to get huge payouts from Tiger’s Eye Pokies. Once you start winning, there is a way to increase the credits that you take home even more. This can be accomplished with the Gamble feature that is built in to the game.

When you get a winning payout, you will be prompted to press the Gamble button. This will take you to a new screen where you will see a card facedown with the Tiger’s Eye online pokies logo on it’s backside. There, you have the option to either double or quadruple your winnings.

If you want to guess by color, you can double your winnings. If you want to guess by suit, then you could win up to four times your initial payout. As long as you keep guessing correctly, you will keep winning more and more.

This means that a small win can turn into a massive payout – if you are willing to confront the tiger and gamble. Since you can keep gambling for as long as you keep winning, the potential reward is limitless!

Conquer the Tiger and Become King of the Jungle – Play Tiger’s Eye Today!

Tiger’s Eye Pokies is truly one of a kind when it comes to Aussie pokies. With gorgeous graphics of mystical jungle flora and fauna and fantastic features that you will need to see to believe, there is no doubt that Tiger’s Eye online pokies will quickly become one of your favorite pokies to play online. Feel the call of the jungle, release your inner tiger, and go wild! Play Tiger’s Eye Pokies today!