Be forewarned – you have to have the stomach for this Aussie online pokies game. But if you’ve got the stomach, than Hitman is a sight to behold and a game that is loaded with fun. It all started with a violent video game series. Then, it turned into an amazing movie with Timothy Olyphant. Now, it’s also the Hitman free spins awesome online casino game and the action, drama and energy here will knock you off your feet. The theme here is about Agent 47 and he is, of course, a hitman. He’s trained, he’s skilled and he’s ruthless.

Starting the Game

As you start to play Hitman online, you’ll see the video that introduces you to the game and to Agent 47. The music is quite ominous and foreboding and you hear over the image that he will always get the job done and that nothing can stop him. Our hitman here is always in the shadows making for a mysterious feel to the game. Other symbols with the Hitman game include the sniper rifle, the guns, a knife, poison in a syringe and a wire for strangling people. We told you in was violent. There is also the Hitman insignia here and an envelope filled with cash to pay the hitman. He also receives his assignments on a computer and the computer is here as well.

Special Features

While you’re adjusting to the dark and alluring feel of the Hitman free spins game, you’ll see that there are many perks as you play the game. The Agent 47 symbol is the wild one and it’s an expanding one. If it appears in just the right place on the third reel it will expand vertically and then cover the entire third reel. The Insignia bonus game opens up for the person who can play Hitman online when there insignia symbols are scattered on the reels one, two and three. Then you’ll pick one of the three insignia symbols you see and you’ll get a bonus jackpot that is as high as 20 times your bet. All of these bonus opportunities make the game even that much more fun to play.

Even More Bonuses

In addition, with the Hitman free bonus rounds, there is a Contract bonus game. You’ll get to this when you have three computer symbols scattered on the reels. Here, you’ll have five targets and five weapons. You have to select a target to see your bonus amount and then the weapon you select reveals your multiplier value. The bonus section is an awesome chance to have even more fun with the Aussie online pokies game. There is also a free spins section with the Hitman free bonus rounds. If you have three of the “18” symbols on the five reels then you’ll get 18 free spins. And all of the wins during this section are doubled.

Join the Hitman on his next adventure and see what the game is all about. With the Hitman free bonus rounds and the chance to enjoy the intensity of the game, anyone can have a blast here. This game is certainly not for the faint at heart. But as long as you go into it knowing that, you'll be thrilled by the adventure in front of you. Men love this game for its macho edge and its daredevil feel. Many women, surprisingly, also enjoy this game for the sense of adventure that it creates. There is something for everyone here.