Jurassic Park Online Pokies

This new online pokies game, Jurassic Park is based upon the suspense-packed 1993 movie, of the same name.  The story-line goes like this:  a wealthy mogul has designed a private island with real-life dinosaurs to act as an amusement park of sorts.  When there is a disagreement among partners, the excitement begins as the dinosaurs, uncontained, overrun the park, threatening our protagonists.  This exciting story is now duplicated on this 243 Ways to Win pokies.

Amazing graphics, our favourite characters and excitement are all you'll need to thoroughly enjoy this new pokies game - Jurassic Park Online Pokies.  Winnings will come your way with the the free spin pokies feature. In Jurassic Park pokies, you will embark upon an online adventure that you thought could never have happened. But it did happen and it’s happening now with the best pokies games in the gaming industry. 

Jurassic Park Online Pokies

Playing Jurassic Park pokies is not only fun, but quite easy to get started. After opening your casino account, get ready for some major pokie fun. This can be executed at any time and place with your PC, ipad or smartphone. Jurassic Park is in a category all by itself as not only very unique, but a favourite in today’s online casino's most well-liked pokies wherein the electrifying narrative joins the possibility of winning some serious money. 

Jurassic Park Symbols

Audiences watching the movie witnessed a mozzi well-preserved in amber stone kicking off a whole string of incidents which ultimately empowered the emulated dinosaurs to materialize.  The mosquito appears in our pokies game as well, as the game's scatter icon, producing victorious scatter arrangements every time two plus mozzis show up, distributed someplace upon the reels. Free spins are achieved if at least three mozzis signs show up at the same time activating the Aussie free spins games feature.

The Wild sign which happens to be the Jurassic Park logo, replaces any additional signs to generate successful winning combinations. This sign may likewise produce a Wild Stack where when you reach the limit of five Wilds appearing all at the same time on the exact reel, you'll get a nice pay off. Building a Wild Stack, Wilds may change different symbols to finalise additional winning combinations.

Get ready for Mr. T-Rex

Paleontologists confer that the greatest awe-inspiring dinosaur of all was the T-Rex. T-Rex who feasted on flesh put great fear in the rest of the less known dinosaurs. But in the Jurassic Park Pokies game, we look forward to seeing the T-Rex make his appearance on our reels.  When he does, he's there to dole out an additional thirty five Wild symbols which help to rack up further wins. This random symbol gives you even more chances to win big cash prizes.

Keep a lookiloo for three plus scatter icons, appearing as dinosaur eggs. These will trigger the Free Spins feature. And who doesn't love Free Spins?

But to learn all the ins and outs of the game, why not try the game in free mode? Get used to the game and when you feel comfortable with it and feel like winning some money, go for the live wire.  You're sure to love this new Aussie pokies!