Let the Lone Ranger Theme Excite you in Sure Win Mobile Pokies

Sure Win has been one of the most popular Aussie pokies from the very beginning.  Now Sure Win Mobile Pokies is online and is sure to enjoy the same great popularity as the PC version.

The exceptional animation and sound that exemplifies the PC version of Sure Win is what will make Sure Win Mobile Pokies a big hit as well.  The game begins as the trumpet calls the horses to the starting gate.  The sound in the regular game is the low tone of background noise familiar to a racetrack.

The music gets much livelier in the Sure Win mobile free spins bonus round!

Capturing the Mood

Sure Win perfectly captures the atmosphere at a racetrack.  In this magnificent pokies, there are no number and royal symbols.  The story is told by 12 symbols each of which relates directly to the culture of a racetrack.

There are three horses and three jockeys.  The horses race across the screen kicking up a cloud of dust whenever you get a win with the Wild symbol.  The jockeys are small, powerful men whose diminutive size belies enormous strength.  Jockeys exude determination.  They will do everything they can to win!

When you get three Scatter symbols, you’ll go to the Sure Win mobile free spins bonus round.  Here the three horses and three jockeys will vie for your attention.  More on the Sure Win mobile pokies bonus round later.

Four More Racetrack Symbols

Races are a violent sport in themselves and every jockey requires a helmet for his protection.  There are many variables that go into handicapping a race.  The racing form gives every gambler news about the horses, the jockeys, and the track conditions.  Many gamblers have powerful binoculars to help then see first the horses and then the race better. The winning horse’s team of jockey, trainer, and owner receives a trophy.

The Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Sure Win logo is the Wild symbol.  Of course, the Wild substitutes for all other symbols save the Scatter.  All wins with the Wild are tripled.  In addition you can win $7000 multiplied by the number of coins you’ve bet on the winning payline if you get five Wild symbols!

Sure Win Mobile Pokies has 25 paylines so there is a very good chance you’ll hit a winning payline if you’re lucky enough to get five Wild symbols!

The racetrack tout is the Scatter symbol.  The tout is that nefarious denizen of the racetrack who will sell you “inside information”.  It may be worthless information and usually is but in Sure Win Mobile Pokies the tout offers something exceedingly valuable: the chance to take free spins with multipliers in the Sure Win mobile pokies bonus round!

Free Spins Bonus Round

When you get to the bonus round, the three horses and three jockeys will want you to choose them to ride for you in the bonus round.  You will have an important decision to make because if you choose more free spins the multiplier is lower whereas if you choose a higher multiplier you get fewer free spins.  Here is the breakdown of free spins to multipliers in the bonus round.

  • 12 free spins are accompanied by a 4x multiplier.
  • 16 free spins are accompanied by a 3x multiplier.
  • 24 free spins are accompanied by a 2x multiplier

This dilemma actually has engendered many conversations amongst gamers: which is preferable, more free spins with a lower multiplier or a higher multiplier with fewer free spins.

There is no consensus opinion.  Some contend that the higher multiplier overrides the lower number of free spins whilst others have the opposite opinion.

What is possibly best about Sure Win Mobile Pokies is that the longer you play the more likely you are to have more than one chance to see which choice is better!

As an added inducement to choose free spins over multipliers, the background “noise” in the free spins bonus round is the Lone Ranger theme also known as the William Tell Overture.  Many players say that they always choose the maximum number of free spins because they love the music!

Mobile Gaming

Sure win Mobile Pokies is a perfect example of the added enjoyment you get when you play on mobile.  Some pokies simply don’t transfer well to mobile but Sure Win certainly does! 

There was a time when we had to explain the convenience of mobile but that time has long passed.  The excellent graphics, sound, and animation that you can get on your mobile screen makes Sure Win a perfect mobile pokies game!

Gamble Feature

You can double or quadruple any win.  In Sure Win, you will be offered to gamble whenever you score a win.  A card will be drawn at random.  Before the card is drawn you choose either the color or the suit.  If you choose the color and you are correct, your win will be doubled.  Of you choose the suit and you’re correct, your win will be quadrupled.

If you gamble and win, you can gamble again!

Visit the Racetrack Wherever You Are

Sure Win Mobile Pokies makes it easy to access the game for a few spins whenever you have the time and inclination to do so.  Even one spin of the reels can take you to the Sure Win mobile pokies bonus where you can win big whilst jumping to the rousing music of the William Tell Overture!