Adventure Palace Pokies

Many trekkers head off to explore the mysteries of the African continent where they can find spirituality, mysticism and many other intrigues and unknowns. As these wanderers walk through the trails and small villages, hidden wonders emerge. Adventure Palace pokies takes you on one such quest in which Aussie pokies players have the chance to experience a world of concealed beauty and charm. 

You can play Adventure Palace real money Aussie pokies on any casino platform. Laptop and desktop PC gamers can open their casino account and play Adventure Palace online at the Flash Casino on any Internet browser or at the Download Casino via downloaded casino software on their personal computer console. Mobile players can open the casino's games lobby on their smartphone or tablet screen and play right on their mobile browser. Adventure Palace can also be accessed on mobile via the casino app. 

Regardless of your preferred gaming device, a high-spirited adventure of fun and excitement awaits you when you play Adventure Palace pokies.

Play Adventure Palace

Adventure Palace is a five-reel, nine-payline and forty-five coin slot machine. It features all of the symbols of an African safari along with the excitement of moving through unexplored territory. 

The pastoral scenes combine with haunting melodies of African music to provide a backdrop for this entertaining slots. Game symbols include lumbering elephants, menacing snakes, wise old monkeys, contemplative tigers and preening peacocks. The symbols of the African savannah are joined by traditional slot machine letters and numbers.

You have the option to enable as many or as few of the nine paylines as you wish, but it's a good idea to remember that only those paylines which you've enabled with a bet before the spin, will pay out on a winning combination. Casino advisors suggest that you activate as many of the nine paylines as possible in order to be sure that you will collect on all of your wins.

Special Symbols

The Elephant symbol is the game's Wild symbol. Whenever the Elephant displays on an activated payline in which two regular symbols appear, the Elephant icon completes the combination and indicates a payout. Payouts double when an Elephant symbol completes the combination.  If three Elephants emerge concurrently on an enabled payline, from left to right, they create their own completed payline and activate a payout, though payouts for completed formations formed entirely of Wilds are not multiplied. The Elephant symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Temple icon is the game's Scatter. Two Temple icons, emerging on the reels simultaneously in any position (not necessarily on the same payline and not necessarily in any specific pattern) form a scatter combination and activate the scatter combination payout. Scatter combination payouts are determined by the number of scatter symbols that appear on the reels multiplied by your total bet.

Three scatter symbols, in any pattern on the reels, signal the launch of the Free Spins online pokies bonus game.

Free Spins

As soon as three or more scatter symbols appear on a regular game spin, the Free Spins round launches. In this game you are awarded fifteen free spins with triple payouts on all free spins wins. Your free spins payouts are determined by the deposit amount on the spin that activated the free spins.

Free spins may retrigger if three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels during a free spin. When that happens, your 15 new free spins are added to the remaining free spins from your previous round, giving you a new free spin total.

Gamble Game

 Any regular game win activates the Gamble feature. The Gamble feature is optional -- you can choose to Gamble or you can skip it and continue to play the regular game. You can Gamble five times per game, in any order that you wish. So, you can Gamble once, twice or up to five times, intermittently, during your regular game. You may choose to gamble five times in a row or you can skip the Gamble feature entirely and just play the regular game.

Playing the Gamble Game involves betting your existing winnings. When you gamble you are given the chance to double or quadruple your payouts. Remember – in the Gamble Game you take the chance that you could lose half or all of your winnings if you lose. So it really is a gamble.

To participate in the Gamble, click the "Gamble" button after any regular game win. The screen will switch to the Gamble screen and you'll be asked whether you want to choose a hidden card's colour (black or red) or the card's suit (diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades).

Once you make your choice, you'll be asked to select the colour or the suit of the concealed card. If you choose the correct colour you'll double your payouts. If you choose the correct suit you'll quadruple your payouts.

You can keep playing your winnings, up to five times, or return to the regular game, at your leisure.    

Adding Payouts

Adventure Palace is available as a Free Mode game which you can play for free in the casino's Free Mode or as a Real Mode game that you can play in the Real Mode. Playing the game in the Free Mode gives you a chance to practice the game's levels and features and familiarize yourself with the game's rules and regulations. When you're ready to play for real money prizes, you can navigate to the Real Mode and play for real.

You can also add payouts and multipliers to your gaming event via the casino's bonus promotions. New players receive match bonus gaming credits on their first week's gambling activities which give them the chance to explore the casino games without adding more deposits.

All players receive Loyalty Points, based on the amount of time that they play Adventure Palace or any of the other casino games, on a PC at the Download Casino, at the Flash Casino or on mobile at the Mobile Casino. The points accumulate and you can cash them in for casino gifts, including real life prizes, at your leisure.

You're invited to play all of the casino's monthly contests for more prize options.

Playing Adventure Palace pokies is an adventure in African culture, online entertainment and real money wins.