Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies

There's lots of gold, gold, gold in the Australian Liquid Gold mobile pokies, now available for real money gaming at the Australian mobile casino. Miners work to extract the precious alloy from the mother lode in the entertaining Aussie pokies which brings players into the world of the hunt for the elusive precious metal. You have multiple chances to spin the reels and earn real money payouts which are then added to your wild wins, your scatter combination payouts and your free spin rewards.

Liquid Gold pokies for tablets and smartphones has been a casino favourite ever since it was launched in 2009. Now the pokies is available at the Australian mobile casino where you can play in an authentic Las Vegas atmosphere of fun and excitement on your mobile device. You can sign into your casino account and play on your mobile browser or via the Aussie pokies apps at your leisure.

So regardless of whether you're sitting on the morning train on your way to work, taking a break from your work station, waiting in line at the supermarket or relaxing on your couch before you go to sleep, you can play for fun and collect satisfying wins/   

Playing Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is a five-reel 20-payline online pokies. The symbols and atmosphere of this entertaining pokies places you square in the middle of a modern gold rush. You're taken to the center of the action as you join the gold diggers as they mine for the valuable alloy. Throughout the spins the captivating graphic images and vivid animations display vividly on your mobile screen, allowing you to visualize the real life exhilaration that miners feel when they "strike gold."

The Australian mobile casino supports all of the most popular mobile devices including iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. You can connect to the casino at your convenience via Wifi or cellular connectivity and aim for the top prizes while you help the miners mine for gold.

Gold, Gold and More Gold

Throughout your spins you need to concentrate on one thing – gold. In its natural form gold can be found in nuggets, chunks or even as dust. Gold is valuable because, when melted down and shaped, it forms any desired form. In its liquid form gold can be used to create sculptures, ritual objects, coins and, of course, jewelry. Liquid Gold mobile pokies gamers can fantasize about the different ways that their accumulated gold can be put to use as they play.  

Liquid Gold mobile pokies appeals to beginning players, who appreciate the simplicity of the five reels and 20 paylines, and advanced players who find the extra symbols and bonus free spins round to offer them a challenging gambling session.  There aren't any complex rules or complicated permutations and in the Liquid Gold slot machine.

You enjoy an entertaining slots adventure that gives you the chance to join some fun-loving miners' search for gold while you maneuver through combinations, scatter icons, wild symbols, multipliers and free spins. 

Get Started

When you're ready to start playing Liquid Gold pokies, make a deposit and start spinning the reels to line up matching symbols along enabled paylines. You don't need to activate all of the 20 paylines but only those combinations that emerge on enabled paylines trigger real money wins, so it's a good idea to activate as many of the paylines as possible.  Before you start the reels spinning, enable your selected paylines by making a deposit on each of your chosen lines. Maximum bets are 10 coins per payline.   

Liquid Gold game symbols include different types of gold bars, glittering gold letters, bright, gleaming numbers and a sparkling pot of liquid gold. Three symbols on an enabled payline signal a payout. If you have two regular symbols plus the Liquid Gold Logo, which is the game's Wild symbol, the payline is formed and you achieve a win. There's a jackpot prize of 5000 coins if you have five Liquid Gold Logos lined up on an activated payline.

The scatter is the Bonus Logo symbol. Three, four or five scatter symbols which appear  on the reels simultaneously, in any pattern (not necessarily on an activated payline and not necessarily on concurrent reels) trigger the Free Spins round.  The number of scatter symbols that appeared on the reels (three, four or five) indicate the number of Free Spins that you've won. Before you start your free spins, your previous wins  double automatically. Five scatter symbols on the reels during a free spin indicate that your win will be multiplied by 50x.

You can earn a up to 5,000 coins in the regular game PLUS up to 100,000 coins in the free spins round.

Casino Bonuses

When you play at the Australian mobile casino you can add casino bonuses to your regular game, multiplier and free spins wins. Take advantage of all of the casino bonus promotions simultaneously and add those bonuses to your regular game payouts.

New players are entitled to collect a Welcome Bonus that matches their deposits with free casino credits. This means that the casino will match your deposits during your first week of casino activity so you end up playing for real money for free.

Veteran gamers receive Loyalty Points for their gambling pursuits. The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you accumulate. Loyalty Points can be redeemed for casino give-aways, free credits and cash and other lucrative gifts.

All players are invited to opt into the monthly casino contests where you can win more casino swag.

Free Mode and Real Mode

When you play Liquid Gold at the mobile casino of Australia you have two play mode options. You can play for free in the Free Mode where you can practice your game, learn the levels of the game, review strategies and rules and explore the various play options. When you're ready to compete for real money, move to the Real Mode to play for real.

Play Liquid Gold mobile pokies and enjoy entertaining casino fun and excitement in an atmosphere of glittering gold entertainment.